Movie Notifications is now open source

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There has been a project of mine that I’ve struggled to maintain over the past few years. Movie Notifications is a project I started in 2012. In fact, it was the first project that I started after moving to Newcastle upon Tyne, so it is quite sentimental to me, and I’ve always wanted to develop it further, just never had the time.

So, I’m very pleased to announce that Movie Notifications is now open source and open to contributions from everyone. It is released under the GPLv3 license, so will always remain free and open for anyone to use, tweak and modify.

You can find the source code on Github, and all contributions, no matter how big or small are welcomed and encouraged.


The 4 year beta

I started Movie Notifications back in 2012, after finding it hard to find out when a movie I wanted to see was released.

The original version built with the CodeIgniter PHP framework (my favourite framework at the time).

The first (and latest) beta of Movie Notifications was released on 26th July 2012.

The Laravel port

In 2013, I realised that CodeIgniter wasn’t really going anywhere, and the codebase for it was starting to look very dated. I began porting Movie Notifications to Laravel 4 on 13th January 2013 (3 months before Laravel 4 was actually released, talk about living on the bleeding edge).

Unfortunately, development of this version stalled and it hasn’t received much love since.

Where Now?

With help from the community, I plan on finishing the Laravel port of this project, and bring it into the 21st century.

I also have lots of awesome ideas for this project, including an API, an app, the ability to receive notifications when a movie starring a particular actor is released, and much more!

You can find the Laravel version on the master branch, and the CodeIgniter/live version on the 1.0 branch.

Get Involved

There are plenty of ways to get involved with this project, whether being through code, copy writing, documentation writing, bug reporting or evangelism. Please get involved!

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